Transport and Payment


FREE delivery for orders over 25 euros (VAT not included):   

Orders for mainland Portugal, above the value of 25 euros (excluding VAT) have no shipping costs. If the value is less than 25€ (not including the value of VAT), an additional transport value will be charged, according to the weight and volume of the order, plus VAT at the legal rate in force.

In each shipment a fee of 2,79€ + VAT will be charged on the invoice, regardless of the invoice value. We remind you that this amount may enter as a deductible expense in your IRS.

Orders may be dispatched on the same day until 4pm, by carrier. The delivery will be made between 24h and 48h and during the period of 9h to 19h, not being possible the customer to schedule a previous hour for the delivery. The items that are bulky or fragile, e.g. (such as furniture, equipment, etc. ) may be subject to a different transportation than usual, in which case the delivery will be arranged in advance with the customer.

If the customer is not at the address indicated by you, on the date scheduled for delivery, it will not be possible to guarantee that the order will be delivered again on the same day. In this case you should contact our head office in order to arrange a new delivery date. You may indicate a different address to receive your order, it does not need to be the address on your customer card. Orders are subject to availability of the article in stock, and in case of rupture, the customer will be contacted and informed that the article is not available, being the customer responsible for the decision to receive the remaining order or to wait for the arrival of the article in rupture.

As soon as we have knowledge of the arrival of the product that was out of stock, Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda, is responsible for contacting the client in order to schedule the delivery of the product or add a product to the order.

Client responsibility

It is the responsibility of the customer, upon receipt of the order, to check the number of packages delivered, according to those mentioned in the distributor's guide. You must also confirm any anomaly in the boxes - including if the adhesive tape is not the same applied by LP Cosmetica, identified with our trademark name, "Mossi Epil" - at the time of delivery, but if it is not possible to confirm at the time, the customer should write "Subject to verification" on the delivery note. If it is found that there is any anomaly, the customer should communicate with Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda on the day of receipt. To this end it will be necessary for LP Cosmetica to send photographs of the damage to the items, open or damaged boxes, so that your complaint can be properly attended to.

Payment terms

The national orders sent by the carrier will be paid upon delivery through the conditions agreed with the commercial department or seller. Payment can be made by cash on delivery, cash on delivery, bank transfer, ATM, credit card payment or cheques endorsed to Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda. In case you choose cheques, it is essential to confirm the expiry date of the cheques.

If the payment option is in cash, it is the client's responsibility to have the exact amount of the invoice for payment to the courier. The courier does not have change nor is he authorised to do so and this is a clause that is included in the service provision contract. 

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please use the following payment details:


ACCOUNT: - 0000 0010 9142 0887

IBAN: - PT50 0033 0000 01091420887 89

In the case of orders already paid by bank transfer, you do not need to make an additional payment to the courier upon delivery. In order for there to be a confirmation of payment in the financial department, we request that you send the respective proof of transfer to the email so that your process can be completed more efficiently.

When dispatching the order, Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda sends an SMS, through an automated computer system, with the value and expected date of delivery, not assuming any responsibility for the delay, or cost associated with the order resulting from the absence of the client at the address indicated, lack of provision for payment or for other reasons which are the responsibility of the recipient.

Orders that have been requested and that are refused by the customer upon reception will be charged the value of the shipping costs and the value of the shipping costs of the respective return to our warehouses. In addition, the customer's file will be blocked, and no other order may be sent until this shipping charge has been settled.

Delivery and transport for agents and importers

Agents and Importers are fully responsible for organising parcel deliveries, transport and associated insurance, from our logistics centre to the unloading destination.

A fee of €1.99 + VAT will be charged on each shipment, regardless of the invoice value.

The means of Transport arranged by the Agent or Importer must be in proper condition, with no water leaks, and the doors must close so as to completely seal the compartment. If the means of transport used carries goods from others, you should confirm that the remaining space is properly calculated to fit the volume or pallets that Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda has confirmed with your client to carry. We advise that the merchandise ordered has an appropriate volume for palletizing and that it does not have only volumes that oblige the use of individual boxes, as this will cause damage to the material and sometimes the forwarder may handle the boxes in the opposite direction to that which is advisable and due. So that the customer is guaranteed a proper and damage-free delivery, we ask that the pallet(s) be picked up at our logistics centre and transported as they were packed and protected with the appropriate material in their original packaging, with any subsequent changes in packaging or order, when in transit, and to the place intended for unloading from our customer. Stickers stuck on the osmatic film surrounding the products on the pallet, such as the warning "Fragile" and "Directed arrows" must be respected.

The importer must be well informed, making sure of the requirements of the country where he resides, at the level of customs taxes, duties or customs expenses, imposed by the country of destination, which will be the responsibility of the customer. As product rates and import taxes vary between countries, we cannot provide a base value that can serve as a reference.  For such, you should contact the competent authorities of the respective country. Delivery times differ depending on the country and the shipping company contracted by the client.

Luis Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda will do its best so that the client can receive the order on time. However, Luis Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda declines any responsibility, associated costs or inconvenience in case it is not possible, at all, to deliver the order due to delays to which it is totally unaware of.

Customer responsibility

It is the customer's responsibility, upon receipt of the order, to check the number of packages delivered, in accordance with those mentioned in the distributor's guide. The client must also confirm any anomaly in the boxes at the time of delivery. If you notice any anomaly you must notify LP Cosmetica head office on the day of receipt, and it is necessary to send photographs of the damage at the point of unloading.

Payment conditions

The orders from Agents and Importers will only be dispatched when the payment of the total order is confirmed by our financial department. Therefore, if the bank used by the Agent or Importer is not the same used by Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda, it may take a while until payment is confirmed, which may affect the expected date for the order to leave, even if you send us a proof of payment to .

You must use the following details for payment by bank transfer:


ACCOUNT: 0000 0010 9142 0887

IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 01091420887 89


Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda is responsible for sending proof by email of the dispatch of the order to the Agent or Importer. We do not assume any responsibility in the delay or cost associated with the order for the absence of the customer at the indicated address, or for other reasons that are the responsibility of the customer.