FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions is the resource made available by LP Cosmetica, to inform users and users/clients of our site, as to how it works and the specifics of the functionalities it has. The explanatory videos can be classified in two parts:

(a) general functioning of the website: organisation, visible pages and their purpose;

b) How the online shop works and its specific features. 


This is the first video of a series of explanatory videos that the LP Cosmetica team intends to divulge on the Customer Support tab of the site, in order to make navigation and correct use of our site's features quicker and easier. For those who are professionals, or wish to become one soon, accessing the LP Cosmetica site brings numerous advantages, but the main ones are the Dedicated Client Support, the Technical Assistance and the Payment in Phases, without interest!


One of the factors that contributes to the failure of any online shopping platform is the lack of security (due to the use of cards and personal data) and the absence of customer monitoring and follow-up. For these reasons, LP Cosmetica decided to create a different kind of online shop. Before proceeding with any form of payment, our customers will be contacted by the sales consultant assigned to them, to confirm all the items in the shopping cart and to help advise on the best products to buy. This way, everything is done in a safe and efficient way. It may take a little time, but it's much more worth it!


Thinking of our customers who sometimes do not have time to place their orders in our online shop, Mossi Epil developed a feature that allows you to place your orders through your sales consultant. You can call your consultant and ask them to place your order. Each Mossi Epil commercial advisor accesses your customer base, selects the identification of the customer who has consulted you and will be able, according to your instructions, to add items to the shopping cart, confirm the order, select the payment method, check the promotions and/or offers you are entitled to, confirm your details, the delivery address of the order - indicating an alternative, if applicable - and the date on which you wish to receive it. A safe and easy ordering procedure that avoids unnecessary complaints and returns. Explore the new Mossi Epil website.


Consultancy and dedicated customer care are the basis of LP Cosmetica's success. The other success factor is the delivery of our orders. At Mossi Epil the delivery rate of orders within 24 hours is over 90%. Sometimes it happens that the order is delivered in 48 hours, but the reasons are completely outside our company. We work with a carrier and the management of time and delivery of orders, is their total responsibility. If for any reason you experience delays in the delivery of your order, please contact Mossi Epil, through the chat window of the site - indicating your customer number and your telephone contact - or by calling directly to your commercial advisor.


Minimising the number of returns in our online shop as much as possible is a priority for our company. Returning a product or equipment is a customer's right, but the customer also has the duty to respect the conditions under which it is returned.  In our company, the equipment and products to be returned must be placed in their original packaging, together with the air bags and the transport document, so that they arrive in the correct conditions, without damage or loss. Watch our video and, if you want to return a product, don't forget any step.