Promotion -20% discount direct from Mossi

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Conditions of the Promotion.

Place your order in the comfort of your own space, you don't need to visit our shop.

General questions

- What is the aim of the promotion? – This is a promotion that will be organised by Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda., with the aim of benefiting customers who make their purchases online or in person.

- Benefits of the promotion – This is a promotion in which the professional will get -20% on all products, except refill waxes, tin waxes and hot waxes, which will have the usual discounts, and offers depending on the value of the investment. 

- And if I pay cash, do I get an additional 2.5% discount? - Yes.

- There are products on which I usually get more than 20 per cent off, does the discount on these products remain the same? - Yes, particularly on wax recharges which have discounts of up to 44%.

- How many times can you benefit from the promotion? – You can benefit as many times as you like during the campaign period, either in the physical shop or online. 

- Can it be combined with other promotions? – This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions or offers on products, or with an additional discount, even if you buy online.

- When purchasing a hair LASER or podiatrist LASER, you must be trained at LP Cosmética's facilities, purchase a support table and a protective clamp. 

- Remember that the discount is direct on the purchase price before VAT. The discount is not on gift products, but a direct discount on the value of the document. All values will be calculated on the unit price of each product before adding the VAT rate in force.

Promotion conditions:

-The value of -20% on the unit prices of the products is for professionals only. These orders are placed with your sales consultant or at or All orders eligible for the -20% promotion have a minimum purchase of €50 + VAT. (Except waxes)

-This promotion applies to Portugal. Customers from the Azores archipelago will be referred to our local representative.

-When buying large volumes of furniture, there may be an additional charge for delivery, which varies depending on the distance of the area in the country.

-If a product is out of stock, it cannot be reserved to receive the -20% discount.

-If a customer makes a purchase that is to be delivered after the end date of the promotion, 28 March, LP Cosmética will have to deliver that order by 12 April, so for customers who are refurbishing their premises or moving to other premises, please note this request.