LASER repair clauses


As of March 23rd 2023, the company Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda. will have a technician who will carry out repairs to LASER, IPL and photo depilation equipments. Normally it is necessary that the equipment that comes for repair, be of the brand Mossi Epil or that are commercialized by Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda.; in this case it is not necessary that this happen. We will try to repair all equipment regardless of brand.

Analysis of equipment for repair

- When there is interest on the part of a client to repair a device of this type, it will be necessary to send information about it, so that the technician can analyse the possibility or not of repair. It is necessary that the customer sends at least 3 photos of the equipment: 1. photo of the front of the equipment, 2. photo of the back of the equipment, 3. photo of the informative label of the equipment that includes the model and serial number. 

- In addition to these photos, we need a brief explanation of why the unit has stopped working.

- The client must be informed that, regardless of whether or not the equipment can be repaired, from the moment it is sent to our installations, the client will have to pay for the analysis to be carried out by the technician. The technician or the company Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda., may have to travel due to the equipment repair, these values will be charged to the client.

Sending the equipment for repair

The client is solely responsible for the shipment of the equipment to Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda. You may deliver the equipment by hand or, if you prefer, you may choose a courier service for this purpose. Due to the high values of this type of equipment, the client should take out insurance for the equipment. The company Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda. will be responsible for opening the equipment's transport box in the presence of the carrier, to verify that there is no damage resulting from the transport effected.

Repair Deadline

The deadline for repair of this type of equipment can be totally different for each equipment, depending on several factors:

1. existence or not of other equipment on which the technician is or will carry out repairs.

2. If the repair parts are still available in the market or are obsolete.

3. Value of repair parts, where available.

4. Complexity of the technical intervention.

5. Dependence on the importation of parts.

Repair costs

The price of the repair is variable and depends on the technician's analysis (as indicated in the previous point). For each equipment that is opened for analysis will be charged a value of 30 euros (+iva). 

If the equipment is likely to be repaired, the technician will prepare a budget to be approved by the client. The company Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda. will communicate the budget to the client. Repairs will only occur if the quote is approved by the client.

Delivery of the equipment

If the equipment is repaired or not, the equipment will be dispatched by Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda. on a day to be arranged, however the transport costs will be charged to the client.