Promotion - 31 January to 1 April 2022

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PROMOTION 2022 - valid from 19th September to 4th November 2022

Remember that the promotion brings many more benefits and advantages 

Place your order in the comfort of your own space, no need to come to our shop

General information

What is it? - It is a promotion that will be dynamised by Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda and that has the objective of benefiting clients on online or face-to-face purchases.

Who is it for? - This promotion is only for professionals.

What is the promotion period? - The promotion will run from 19th September to 4th November 2022.

Benefits of the promotion - This is a promotion in which the professional will win 50% more of the purchase made, in gift products.

The minimum purchase to benefit from this campaign is £50 + VAT to get 50% more of the value of your investment. If you want to buy less than £50, you can do so but you will not get any offer, however, only those customers who buy less than £50 and wish to pay in cash will receive a 3% discount.

How many times can you benefit from the promotion? - You can benefit as many times as you want during the campaign period, either in the physical shop or in the online shop.

Can I choose the gift products? - Yes, you can choose the gift products, depending on the products presented by your salesperson. You cannot have the same gift products as those acquired during your purchase.

Can it be combined with other promotions? - No, this promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.

Remember: During the course of this promotion, you can make purchases, as many times as you wish, between the dates of the promotion.

Note the following examples analyzed by LP, which describes what professionals can win:

If you invest €250.00, you are entitled to 50% more gift products. The product examples indicated are for illustrative purposes only and the winnings happen with every purchase:  


- MERRCM Micromica wax recharge 100mL 48un which the value is 48 x 1,45 euros = 69,60 euros. Minus 15% to get an average of how many waxing you can do on a full leg: on average 40,8 waxings.                                                                 

 40,8 X 18,00€ (the average price for a full leg epilation in Portugal) corresponds to 734,40 euros of profit.

Body treatment

- MEPRCMR5 Firming Massage Cream with Trylagen 500mL. 27,99€

- MEALCT Cryo-Therapy Body Lotion 500mL. 14,59€

These 2 products give an average of 20 to 25 treatments. Let's count only 20 treatments.             

20 X 30.00€ (the average price per treatment for 3 areas to be treated) corresponds to 600.00€ of profit

Retail treatment

- MEPRAC50 Antiseptic for contaminations 50mL x 5un. 2,59€ x 5un = 12,95€

These 5 products make an average retail price of 30,00€, which corresponds to a gain of 14,07€

Promotion conditions:

-Quantity discounts are not applicable during the promotion period. 

-No exchanges or returns will be accepted on products that were offered during the promotion period.

-All values will be calculated on the unit price of each product before adding the current VAT rate. 

-The value of products offered at 50% more of the investment you make, is for professionals only. These orders should be placed with your sales consultant or at or All orders eligible for the promotion have a minimum purchase of £50 + VAT. 

-The customer who chooses to make the purchase online will not be able to select the offer products automatically at the moment of the purchase. The products you wish to offer for your order will be communicated to your sales consultant when you contact him/her.

-This promotion only applies to mainland Portugal. Customers from Madeira and Azores archipelagos will be directed to our local representatives.

- When buying furniture, the delivery value is deducted from the offer value by 50%, this value varies depending on the area of the country.