The equipments supplied by Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda. have a 1 year guarantee if the malfunction is due to an electronic or mechanical defect. In the case of equipment that produces heating, such as wax heaters, vaporizers, sterilizers, towel warmers, etc., the guarantee is 6 months. These guarantee terms are in accordance with the legislation applied to professional organisations.

The warranty will start from the date on which the customer received the equipment.

Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda reserves the right to invalidate the guarantee in the following cases:

  1. If the fault was caused by an electric current surge.
  2. If the equipment has been affected by humidity.
  3. Whether improper use has been made of the equipment.
  4. Operation and handling of the equipment was not in accordance with the instruction manual.

Notification of malfunction

The faulty equipment must be identified and notified by email to encomendas@lpcosmetica.pt. The company Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda. will be responsible for the collection and will perform the technical evaluation.

Repair or exchange

After technical evaluation, if we verify that the equipment is covered by warranty, all transport, labour, material and other expenses will be assumed by Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda.

We will always carry out a repair in the event of a fault, except in situations where there are no parts to repair properly. In this case, the equipment will be exchanged.

The warranty period will be interrupted during repairs. You will not be deprived of the equipment for more than 30 days in a row. However, we will do our best to make the repair as short as possible.

In any case the guarantee will only be valid when accompanied by an invoice or proof of purchase.