Orders at Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Ldª., henceforth "LP Cosmética", may be placed by telephone, e-mail, in the shop or online. The order of any product, chosen from among those available on the site, is made by placing it in the shopping basket.

Order conditions 

Orders for mainland Portugal, above the value of 25 euros (excluding VAT) have no shipping costs. If the value is less than 25€ (not including the value of VAT), an additional transport value will be charged, according to the weight and volume of the order, plus VAT at the legal rate in force.

In each shipment a fee of 2,79€ + VAT will be charged on the invoice, regardless of the invoice value. We remind you that this amount may enter as a deductible expense in your IRS.

Orders may be dispatched on the same day until 4pm, by carrier. The delivery will be made between 24h and 48h and during the period of 9h to 19h, not being possible the customer to schedule a previous hour for the delivery. The items that are bulky or fragile, e.g. (such as furniture, equipment, etc. ) may be subject to a different transportation than usual, in which case the delivery will be arranged in advance with the customer.

Order cancellation

The customer can cancel the order in the online shop by sending an email to encomendas@lpcosmetica.pt, before the order has been validated by the sales consultant. It is important to remember that the order will only be processed when your sales consultant validates it with you. Confirmation, alteration and cancellation of any order should be done online or when contacting the sales consultant.

Order Steps

Step 1 - The moment you place your order online, the order goes to the "Awaiting Verification" status.

Step 2 - The customer will be contacted, as soon as possible, by your Sales Consultant so that he can verify with the customer, the items of the order. 

Step 3 - After confirmation of the order with the Sales Consultant, this goes to the state "Awaiting Payment", and the payment method is available online, except "delivery on collection" and payment by "post-dated check".

Step 4 - If the customer chooses delivery on collection and/or pre-dated cheque, the order status changes to "In process";

Step 5 - After the payment has been made, the order will be shipped. 


The order invoice is always placed on the top of the carton, as indicated by the arrows on the side of the box.

When you place your order, the confirmation of your payment by bank transfer is valid for 7 days. If, after 7 days, the corresponding amount has not been transferred - and proof of payment has not been sent - we will consider the order cancelled and it will be necessary to place a new order online. In the case of the option to pay by ATM, the validity period is 30 days. 

The payment methods made available by LP Cosmetica are described in the "Prices and Promotions" tab.

Add items to order

If on the same day that the order was placed, the customer wishes to add items to his/her order that has already been issued and validated by the commercial advisor, the commercial advisor should be contacted until 4 p.m. so that he/she is informed of what is to be added and put together with the order that has already been placed, and not directly in the online shop. 

Customer responsibility

It is the customer's responsibility, upon receipt of the order, to check the number of packages delivered, in accordance with those mentioned in the distributor's guide. You must also confirm any anomalies in the boxes at the time of delivery, but if it is not possible to confirm at the time, you should write "Subject to inspection" on the delivery note. 

Under no circumstances should the customer accept an order from LP Cosmetics that is not sealed with the LP Cosmetics adhesive tape identified with our brand name "Mossi Epil".

If an anomaly is found to exist, the customer should communicate this to Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda on the day of receipt. To this end it will be necessary, on the part of LP Cosmetica, to send photographs of the damage to the items, open or damaged boxes, so that your complaint is properly attended to

Delivery of orders to the customer

If the customer is not at the address indicated by you, on the date scheduled for delivery, it will not be possible to guarantee that the order will be delivered again on the same day. In this case, you should contact our head office to arrange a new delivery date. You may indicate a different address to receive your order, which does not need to be the address on the customer's file. Orders are subject to availability of the item in stock, and in case of rupture, the customer will be contacted and informed that the item is not available, being the customer responsible for the decision to receive the remaining order or to wait for the arrival of the item in rupture.

As soon as we have knowledge of the arrival of the product that was out of stock, Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Lda, is responsible for contacting the client in order to schedule the delivery of the product or add a product to the order.

Order storage

When storing your order once it has been received, the customer should check that the box is placed with the arrows upwards so that no damage is done to it as a result of incorrect positioning of the packaging.

Return (Right of Withdrawal)

The User, in the case of being a consumer/customer, may exercise the right of resolution without being required to pay any compensation, within 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which the consumer acquires physical possession of the good.

To exercise this right, the User may use the minute indicated below, indicating all their identification data, the subscribed service they wish to resolve and the subscription date. The communication must be made, by letter, through the return of the purchased good, or by other suitable means and susceptible of proof within the period defined above.

The consumer shall, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of communication of withdrawal, return the goods to LP Cosmetica in a usable condition.

Standard form for a free resolution

(you must complete and return this form only if you wish to terminate the contract)

- To [insert here name, geographical address and, where applicable, the trader's fax number and e-mail address]:

- I/We (*) hereby give notice that I/We (*) withdraw from my/our (*) contract of sale of the following good/for the provision of the following service (*) - Ordered on (*)/received on (*) -.

Name of consumer(s) - Address of consumer(s) - Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper) (*) Delete where not applicable.

If the customer opts for other forms of return, the respective shipping costs will be his responsibility.

Upon receipt of the return at LP Cosmetica, a credit note will be issued or the full amount returned to the customer, corresponding to the amount paid for the order (sales invoice value). 

If any of the components of the item sold are missing, or if any of them are not in excellent condition, there will be no refund of the price or shipping costs, and the product will be sent back to the original shipping address.