Papain - Papain is an enzyme that comes from the papaya fruit and acts in the digestion of proteins. This action helps remove layers of "dead skin" cells, acting as an exfoliating agent. Apply evenly, with a light massage until completely absorbed into the skin. Apply daily for 10 days, after epilation. With continued use, epilations become less frequent because it acts on the depth of the hair follicle through a selective destruction of hair germ cells. Almond Sweet Oil - Almond oil is extremely rich in vitamins A and B and also in proteins. Because it has high penetrating power, it moisturises and softens the skin with ease. It is moisturizing (emollient), softening and nourishing to the skin. It is especially indicated for dry skin, wounds, because it is a soft oil, which facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Mossi Epil.

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