It is a therapeutic emulsion is used by masseurs or physiotherapists. Causes warming and relieves muscle pain. It has a composition that allows the relief of the dystrophy of the muscles. Recommended for muscular well-being. How to use : Apply on the affected area, massaging gently until the total absorption of the emulsion. Massage 2 to 3 times a day in the affected area. Wash your hands with soap and water before touching the eyes or facial area to avoid the effects of the product on these delicate areas. Contains methyl nicotinate which is a methyl ester of niacin used for muscle and joint pain. Methyl nicotinate is the methyl ester of niacin which is used as an active ingredient as a rubefacient and is indicated for muscle and joint pain. It also contains methyl salicylate, which is used topically as a counter-irritant. When applied topically, methyl salicylate is absorbed in sufficient quantity to provide pain relief to those suffering from rheumatic conditions, sore muscles or joints. Mossi Epil.

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