The podology kit contains plastic clamp 4,5mt long and 10 stainless steel pins. These accessories are used in pedicure services as preparation before removing the ingrown nail. After placement, the goal is to deflect the sides of the nail so that it does not create pressure on the infected and sore area. It starts by forcing the nail to lift in the middle, thus pulling the nail away from the two sides. After its placement, either the patient or the client will keep the pins and the clamp in place for 48 hours. Then you will return to the professional to perform the ingrown toenail treatment, having the facility now to have a space between the nail and the skin. The professional will then be able to start the treatment without causing pain, because there will be much less inflammation and pain. We advise you that two hours after the professional places these accessories on the nail, the patient or client feels less pain immediately. You can take your bath without worrying that the pins will come off. The pins and clamp are only removed after the ingrown part of the nail is filed or cut and the service is completed, then the clamp is cut and the pins removed using a stripper. Mossi Epil.

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