The Mossi Epil 980nm Podiatrist Laser is a device with added value in relation to the offer on the market. And for several reasons: - Existing podiatrist laser devices have between 15 and 30 watts. This appliance produces a maximum value of 60 watts; - The focused light energy spot is wider, and therefore covers a larger area. It has four lenses to focus light from a smaller area to a larger area. The equipment has refrigeration, which means a process with less pain.- Due to its power, the results are achieved faster and more visibly. - It has cryo action and four programs available, making this device “all-in-one”; 1. Vascular effusions – Body and face; 2. Physiotherapy – inflammation and muscle pain; 3. Removal of fungi and bacteria – nails and skin; 4. Photorejuvenation – wrinkles and sagging. MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED NEAR THIS EQUIPMENT AS THEY CAUSE ELECTROSTATIC DAMAGE, I.E. UNCONTROLLED PARAMETERS. Refer to the instruction manual on "+info". Mossi Epil.

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