3-band laser Alexandrite Diode Yag Mossi Epil. This laser equipment has a much higher quality level than the one currently on the market. It has good stability when working for long periods of time, due to its “Air – Water – Electronic” cooling system through the module with PLTS. It is, for now, the only device on the Portuguese market, which has a cryo system in the pistol and in the laser emitting tip. The “Air – Water – Electronic” cooling system allows greater durability of each laser diode module 755 nm Alexandrite – 808 nm Diode – 1064 nm YAG. The light input to the machine is 3000 watts and that of the header is 600 watts. The light density transmitted by the machine is 100 Jules. MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED NEAR THIS EQUIPMENT AS THEY CAUSE ELECTROSTATIC DAMAGE, I.E. UNCONTROLLED PARAMETERS. Refer to the instruction manual on "+info". Mossi Epil.

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