This creamy cream is for application on feet that need more care in podiatry and pedicure treatments. It contains paraffin which contributes to a nourishing and regenerating action where it also prevents and cares for roughness and calluses. Its rich moisturizing nutrients, such as sweet almond oil leave the skin very emollient, giving vitamin E to the skin, thus stopping its aging. It also contains lanolin and lavender which contribute with antiseptic, analgesic and purifying action. In a foot treatment where there is contamination, in addition to applying a pedicure antiseptic daily, it is extremely important to apply this cream at the end of each day as it contains Tea-Tree essential oil (extracted from the tea tree), which has antimicrobial action. When you have finished the massage with this cream, wipe off the excess product so that the patient or client does not have slippery feet. Mossi Epil.

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