Magnifying glasses for a better visualisation of objects or smaller areas, with the possibility of fitting 4 lenses of dioptres 1.5 , 2.5 , 3.5 , 5. The focal length of the lenses is 333mm, 200mm, 142mm or 100mm corresponding to the lens you are using. Acrylic resin lenses with a tempering treatment, reaching grade 5H, are more resistant to wear, scratches and more durable. It has a lightweight but sturdy frame. It is ergonomic and padded in the forehead area. Its temple arms are also ergonomic and padded, increasing comfort so that the wearer can work with the glasses for an extended period of time. The lens insert secures the lenses to prevent them from coming off easily, making it easier to move the head without them falling off. It also makes it easier to install and dismantle the lenses. The glasses are supplied with a lens storage box. Unused lenses can be stored in the appropriate lens box, so they remain clean and protected and are easier to handle. With two levels of LED illumination, lasting 8 hours in the lightest light and 4 hours in the brightest light. You can also adjust the angle of the LED light. Includes rubber strap to hold glasses around the back of the neck, USB cable for charging and lens cleaning cloth. The glasses become more practical than a conventional magnifying glass with a foot and more economical. 6 month warranty. Mossi Epil.

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