Pressotherapy with 9 inflatable outlets that can work simultaneously with far infrared, thermal action. This combination provides results in cellulite and reduction treatments. The more outlets in a pressotherapy device, the more lymphatic points it acts on, further benefiting the results of lymphatic drainage treatments. The equipment is supplied with a blanket that covers the couch and this blanket has pockets that hang on the sides of the couch for storing the inflatable bands: arms, abdomen (abdominal band adjusts from a minimum of 81cm in diameter to a maximum of 131cm in diameter), legs and boots. The same equipment contains an electrostimulation function that works separately from the pressotherapy function. Electrostimulation has 10 output channels, each with a positive and negative pole. These poles are connected to round silicone plates where the professional has to apply conductive gel to the plate and then place them on the body in the area to be treated. There is a PDF in +info showing images of various treatments, where the professional can get an idea of where to place the silicone plates. Electro-stimulation causes a muscle contraction when there is a discharge on the positive pole and then the contraction is caused by a negative that goes towards the positive pole. Electro-stimulation is indicated for firming, cellulite or reducing treatments because it activates muscle stimulation with low frequencies to activate blood circulation and increase muscle mass. For treatments to treat sagging skin and muscles, electrostimulation is a good option to maximise results. Mossi Epil.

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