800ml combined wax heater with 150W of power. The power is divided into 100W for the cavity and 50W for the two hand pieces. The heater contains a thermostat to regulate the temperature, which has the following benefits: it doesn't alter the characteristics of the wax, it doesn't overheat the wax and it consumes less electricity. This compact heater occupies a small space and is very practical to use. Each hand piece is 25W, and its power is suitable for Mossi Epil wax cartridges with codes starting with MEX and MER. The combined heater is not supplied with an aluminium pot. If you need one, the correct pot from the options available is the MEGDC - 800gr ALUMINIUM POT (9.8cm diameter x 12cm height). The 800 ml. cavity of the combined heater should not be filled directly with depilatory wax. If the professional opts for aluminium pots (pans), this brings advantages because for different services, they can use one for depilatory wax, another for paraffin and yet another for parafango. 3 different pots that can be adapted to the equipment for different services. Mossi Epil

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