Introduction to operating principles :

Conduction equipment for anions (electronegative charge) and cations (electropositive charge) is beauty equipment that uses direct DC electric current. It adopts the principle of pole electricity to repel and attract opposite charges for skin care purposes. Because harmful external substances and metal ions from non-ferrous cosmetics penetrate the skin through the corneal cells and hair follicles, creating a deposit on the skin, making it difficult to discharge these substances in a normal beauty treatment.

In addition, with increasing age, it is difficult for the human body's excretion to fulfil the skin's needs. The skin increasingly needs extra nutrition, but its absorption capacity is limited. Therefore, harmful substances in the human body can be educated and nutrition can be conducted with anion (electronegative charge) and cation (electropositive charge) conducting equipment.

Functions :

1 - Ionisation - The aim is to accelerate the penetration of the product depending on the ion in the cosmetic. At the same time stimulating the layers of the epidermis and dermis with the use of ionisation rollers. A cosmetic is placed on the skin suitable for the type of skin to be treated, then a damp but twisted gauze/facial pad is placed over the cosmetic. The metal ionisation coils will then pass over the gauze, according to the following information: The conduction of anions and cations takes effect through the passage of electric current through the human body with metal ionisation coils. The polarity placed on the client's hand must also have a damp gauze around the metal ionisation coils and must be an opposite polarity to the one that will come into contact with the cosmetic. If the ions in the cosmetic are negative (anions) the metal ionising roller in contact with the cosmetic must be electronegatively charged. If the ions in the cosmetic are positive (cations), the ionising metal roller in contact with the cosmetic must be electropositively charged. The human body has an electrical charge equal to electrons with a positive sign, so nutrition can be completely absorbed. The ionisation treatment effect causes nutrition to be produced so that the water-soluble nutrition (plant essence) penetrates the skin more effectively and provides the skin with essential vitamins to make the skin look better and rejuvenated.

2 - Electrostimulation -
anions (electronegative charge) and cations (electropositive charge). In this method, the client no longer holds a metal set in their hand; the two polarities are controlled by the professional. The professional must place conductive gel on the area to be treated before the galvanic currents come into contact with the skin. The movements of the metallic conical balls should be carried out gently without pressure.

A. Conical metal ball with an electropositive charge. The red output is what transmits electropositive discharge energy.

B. Electronegatively charged conical metal ball. The black output causes the contraction of the discharge it received from the red electropositive one.

Combination of anions (electronegative charge) and cations (electropositive charge), contributes to the intensive action of electrostimulation which activates blood circulation, improves the structure of the skin fibre by activating collagen (skin elasticity) and cells. Its contraction between positive and negative poles can be used for double chin drainage, face lifting, anti-stretch mark treatments (recent) and cellulite reduction.

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