Prices and promotions

Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Ldª, henceforth "LP Cosmética", reserves the right to alter prices, delivery charges, discounts and promotions without prior notice.

LP Cosmetica accepts orders on the site and is committed to delivering them to the final client, according to company standards and current legislation.

The following payment methods are available at the LP Cosmetica online shop:

a) Cash on Delivery

b) Bank Transfer

c) Payment by ATM

d) Credit Card

e) Cheque for 30, 60 and/or 90 days, endorsed to Luís Abreu Pestana, Cosmética, Ldª.

Product Reservations

If the order includes products that are out of stock, the customer will be informed, through the contact of his Sales Consultant, and the approximate date on which the stock will be replaced will be indicated, and the article in question will not be included in the invoice.

Any reservation or pre-reservation must be signalled according to the agreed percentage, as long as there is stock availability for the effect. The customer who, after having signalled the reservation, refuses to pay the totality of the order, will not be reimbursed. However, an invoice will be issued with the amount that was delivered for the purpose of signalling the order.

The prices displayed on each product, on the product page on the website, do not include VAT at the legal rate. However, at the time the customer finalises his or her order, and before proceeding to payment, its value is displayed with the corresponding VAT rate. 

Discounts and promotions

1. On and on there are various types of promotional price offers, in the form of percentage discounts on the sale price to their professional clients:

a) Discount on quantity

Quantity discounts are price discounts that apply the greater the number of items of the same reference - or items that are included in the "Do you want variety in your order" tab located on the Product Page - that are added to the "cart". The discount displayed on the website is only guaranteed under the conditions described. 

b) Discounts on the Site in Percentage Form 

At specific times of the year, discounts will be promoted on the website in the form of a percentage applied to some promotional products. The information regarding these discounts will be duly announced on the website and in the online shop, where the start and end date of the same will be indicated.

c) Commercial Discount 

The User who purchases from the LP Cosmetica online shop will benefit from a commercial discount if they choose to pay by cash on delivery, bank transfer, ATM or credit card. The amount of the respective discount is visible at the last step of the purchase, when selecting the payment method.

d) Campaign Discounts

LP Cosmetica organises promotional campaigns on specific occasions throughout the year, in which the start and end date will be indicated. The conditions by which these campaigns are governed are visible throughout the shopping process in the online shop, whenever items are added to the "cart".

e) Prices for LP Cosmetica Clients 

LP Cosmetica has prepared two distinct price lists: one that applies to its professional beauty clients (beauticians, hairdressers, qualified therapists) and another for Agents in other Business Areas (Importers, Pharmacies, etc.).

LP Cosmetica reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.